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08 / 01 / 2002      "All Done"
Posted @ 22:52 CET

There I'm back from Trondheim. Have been moving all my stuff to a new room, and cleaned out the old one. Quite a lot of work, even tho I'm moving just 10 meters. Maybe even more work because of that, you never pack everything good into boxes when moving so short distances.
But the result was quite nice. I moved one floor up so I now have a nice view of the grass and the sun. Before I could only look straight into a concrete wall where the handyman had his toolshed, so it is definatly an improvement. And when I already was moving everything around, I redecorated the room so that I get more floorspace. I was getting bored with the setting I've had for two years, and as a bonus I got a better view of my screen when lying on my bed with the wireless keyboard I'll be buying soon :)

When travelling my flight was delayed (as could be expected), and on arrival Trondheim was *really* HOT! It was like going to the mediterranian or something. Which of course made the work even less enjoyable as I got extra sweaty and exhausted. Thankfully I got lots of help from Hilde, Henrik, and Alexander with both the moving and the cleaning. Thanx a lot! I'll make you waffles later :) Now it all looks so nice I'm really looking forward to going back to Trondheim in two weeks. The only thing remaining, is putting some framed pictures on the walls. I couldn't get my hands on a hammer, which made it quite tough to put the nails in, so I just gave it up and left it to wait for my return.

Getting home, my mom had cooked a very nice dinner, and she served a really good resturant-like-dessert, with strawberries and raspberries with a sweet wine-sauce. YUM! But tomorrow, reality will once again catch up with me, as I have to be at work at noon. *sigh*

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Heja duh! :)

Nå har du hintet om denne kommentaren min en stund så jeg får heller kommentere så du slipper å mase.. Husker du da jeg så siden din første gangen? Med den gamle lay out'en? I hvert fall syntes jeg den var bra. Veldig bra.. Falt helt for siden din i grunn. Vet ikke helt hva som gjorde det jeg.. Men når både grafikk og innhold og alt stemmer blir det en bra side.. I tillegg hjelper det jo på at personen bak siden er interessant.. Og den skal du ha; det er du jo :)

Ang den nye siden er det fremdeles bare positivt å si; endret den en del, men kun til det bedre. Synes nå jeg da.. At du har lagt den om til engelsk er bare bra. Siden du behersker språket så bra som du gjør, og skriver like bra :)

I tillegg er det jo en del mere å finne på den nye siden.. Info om deg for eksempel. At du har gjort den mer fyldig er også bare bra..

Synes du har gjort en god jobb med siden jeg.. Og har ingen ting å kommentere, sette fingeren på eller klage på..

Nice work :)



Posted by Sanne @ 08/01/2002 - 23:36 CET from [e-mail]