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Telcontars weblog archives: July 2002

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

What a lazy day (again!). Spent all night fixing up my page and slept all through the morning.
Then I packed a small sack with some clothes for my two days in Trondheim, and went downtown to have a look at digital video-cams. I *reallyreallyreally* want a Sony Handycam. It would be SO cool at parties and such.. but as they cost some US$2000 it all depends on getting my parents to buy me one for xmas. And that will probably happen the day hell freezes over. It IS quite cold here in the winter tho.. so you never know. It could happen :)

Now to spend a few more lazy hours reading Illustrated Science, and then going to catch my flight to Trondheim. I'll be back thursday for some more heavy duty blog action!

Posted @ 16:55 CET

Ahh.. finally i've finished the setup of greymatter and its templates. And now I'm dead tired. I started my first 'weekend' in 2 weeks today, so I slept to about 16:00. After getting up I went out to get some food, and then I took the scanner back to Tom-Inge and stayed there a few hours.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Trondheim to switch apartments. I'm only moving about 10 meters, so its not really a big thing, but it'll be nice to get one floor up from the ground and get a lot more light into my room. And there'll be some friends moving in with me as well. I'll return to Harstad for more work on thursday *sigh* but this time it is only for about 10 days before going back south as the lectures at my College is starting soon. But now it is time for mooore sleeeeep. Yum.

Posted @ 02:52 CET

Welcome to the new pages. This time they are in english and with a design more easily changed than before. Now the pages contain a lot less information than the old ones, mainly because they are intended for visitors mainly interested in this weblog and the webcam.

First time visitors wanting more info than is supplied here, and those
wanting to see the gallery and guestbook as well as the older weblog entries (norwegian only), should visit the old pages that will be permanently located at

Please give me feedback through the comment function in this weblog. I would really like to hear how you like the design, and what you think about me blogging in english rather than norwegian. And it would be fun to know if there is anyone at all reading my blog ;-)

Posted @ 00:14 CET

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