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    Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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                    --==# The World I Love #==--

I love the snow covered plains in a cold winter night,
   as a full moon is hanging, and shining bright, from a frozen, darkblack sky.
I love the roaring waters of a stormy sea, clashing against a cliffed shore,
   with a rainy wind at my sorrowed face, and the clouds hanging low and dark.
I love the grandiour of endless fields, circeled by mountains,
   roamed by whistling winds, as butterflies are flying by.
I love the vision of mighty seas, going far beyond the horizon,
   lazy waves as far I can see, and nothing to hinder their motion.
I love the sun on a midsummer day, licking my uncovered skin,
   embraced by the breeze on a grass-green field, beholding a clear blue sky.
I love dazing at a castle wall, all warm and relaxed, enjoying the world,
   while sailboats and ships are sliding by, 'cross the glittering bay below.
But most of all in this varied world, I love the girl next to me, holding my hand,
   as our lives are on the same path for a while.
 Enjoying the moment as long as it last,
         it feels the world has come to a halt.

***  Dedicated to Na`Tala, a summer day on a castle wall, over a glittering bay.   ***

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